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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Will I have to buy certain products?

A - No! IF you chose to take the 12 Weeks to Toxin Free course you are under no obligation to buy anything else. As we work through the program together I will provide suggestions on non-toxic brands, as well as do-it-yourself options! 

For the 6 month VIP Private Coaching you are given a private shopping experience with personally curated toxin free item lists.  


Q - How much of a time commitment will this require of me?

Depending on the service you choose the amount of time spent will vary based on the package you choose by no more than an hour or two per week. 


Q - Do you accept payment plans?

A - Absolutely! I want to make this as accessible for you as possible and am committed to helping your family become toxin-free. There are monthly and even weekly payment plan options! Please email for more information. *Please note payment plan options are only available for the the 12 weeks to Toxin Free Course, and 6 month 1:1 Private Coaching*


Q - How long will I have access to the course materials?

A - Because you are providing feedback and testimonials, all participants will have lifetime access to the presentations 


Q - What if I have specific questions about the course materials, certain products in my home, etc.?

A - You can post your question in our private group and tag me. I will answer your question personally :)

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